Highway Scenery

This is an ongoing project documenting the changing landscape in mid-Cornwall, from Carland Cross to Chiverton.

Pete, an organic farmer from mid Cornwall, stands in his field which his family has owned for nine generations, and is currently home to his herd of cows. 

This field and many others along the A30  will soon be taken from their current owners by a compulsory purchase order. Existing pastures and ancient woodland will be turned into 8.7 miles of tarmac as Highways England build a new section of dual carriageway through the county.

November 2020

Protesters begin planting oak trees in a symbolic act of defiance against the oncoming machinery.

March 2021

Ancient trees and woodland alongside the current A30 are cut down to make way for the new road.

March 2021

A once Quiet Lane is removed of all surrounding trees, opening up the area to begin construction of the new road.

April 2021

A portrait of Pete stood in the same spot as he was in the first image of this project. One year later, his land has now been taken and more than 300 trees in this field have been cut down to make way for the new road. 

January 2022

Trees and hedges are shredded as the road begins to be laid, April 2022

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